They might call her a ‘Loud Mouth’ but Akothee tells it as it is. Esther Akoth who prefers to be called Madam Boss has come out to fire shots at ladies who can’t do without make-up.

Akothee went ahead to troll body shamers. And Benefactor hitmaker is surely not happy!

“Ladies who worship make up and think that’s beauty dont scare me at all, because I can scare them with the rain, as for the ones bodyshaming celebrities !show me your workshop where you manufacture human beings ! And tell me why your profile picture isn’t your own picture #seeyourlife, you can’t even stand your own self on display ! It’s either an animal or something, your profile picture is whom you are! think , ati you ain’t and can’t be my role model ,oyaa !”

It seems the singer had a close friend in mind, whom she was indirectly trying to roast on social media.

“What happened to your mother and aunties ? We’re they not role models enough , as for me !am already modeling my own 5 children, and my way of life is what it is !I won’t stop living my life because am a public figure , am a public figure not a public property! I have a life besides entertainment ! As long as my childrens bills are paid !they are Okey and proud of me ! You that is ashamed , unfollow; it’s not by thuon , and take your sisters phones ,block me pilis lest they end up with 5 children with 3 father’s ,#noapologiesIalsofoundmyselfhere , let them be nuns.. .”

She concluded,

“Why are you concerned with a fellow woman’s looks, are you a lesbian looking for a partner? Or you want to mold them for your brothers ?”

From talking about her deadbeat Mzungu baby daddies to her five children, the singer has been washing her dirty laundry on social media in the past few years. She lets fans know her disappointments, joy and grief.

Let’s just say social media is one of her comfort places.