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White sandy beaches, exotic dishes and amazing people are just some of the things you will get to experience as you travel. But it shouldn’t end at that. There is so much you can soak up and whether you know it or not, there are benefits to travelling.

From physical health to emotional benefits, there are more than enough reasons why you should pack up and go for a trip as soon as you can.

1. Physical and emotional health

We are all prone to burnouts and stress from day to day work schedules and routines hence the need of getting away from all of it. Travelling helps you to unwind and free yourself from exhaustion. Some of the health risks caused by stress include high blood pressure and ulcers which you can avoid. Travelling is also a good way to keep fit. It keeps your body active which is a great way to keep your health in check. Take the time off to recuperate before you go back to your daily work routine. This will improve your performance at work because you will come back feeling mentally refreshed and ready to work.

2. Educational benefits

Travelling also helps you broaden your perspective on finding different solutions to problems. There is a reason why government officials often organize seminars and trips to different countries in order to broaden their perspectives on how to tackle national issues. Whether you run a business or organization, travelling to different countries is a great way to brainstorm and find ways to improve your business. This also helps other people learn from you as you interact with them, so take up that job that may require lots of travelling with confidence!

3. Thinking outside the box

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Taking local and international trips is a great way to learn new skills and broaden your perspective on the world. When you travel, you get to interact with different people from diverse cultures. This humbles you in many ways when you realize that the world is rich and complex. Travelling is also a great source of inspiration and creativity for those who love music and art. Someone who has travelled a lot has a broader view on creativity as compared to someone who has never travelled outside their home area.

4. Travelling is a great way to challenge yourself

If you want a quick boost in your confidence try travelling more. Travelling is a great way to re-discover yourself and realize some of the strengths and weaknesses you didn’t know. When you remove yourself from your comfort zone, you are able to find your independence which gives you a new found confidence. Many people take the brave step to travel the world alone and sometimes discover that they want to relocate to a different country or town altogether.

5. Getting in touch with your heritage

 As much as most of us would love to visit countries outside our own, it is just as important to take time to tour and travel our own countries. A good example is how we travel up country over the holidays to let off some steam from the crazy hustle and bustle of Nairobi life. This good practice gives children the opportunity to get familiar with their heritage which is essential. It is also a good idea to travel to other parts of the country to experience and appreciate different cultures which may serve as a unifying factor for us as a nation.

6. Travel for the experience

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I remember the exciting feeling I had as a kid travelling to Mombasa for the first time. I was very excited to see the sandy beaches I had been reading about and those memories are forever with me. Travelling also allows you to make new friends and meaningful relationships outside your usual circle. You begin to open up to people and have fun during the process.

7. Appreciate your home

If you have ever travelled to places where there are limited facilities as compared to those in your home area, the saying ‘East or west, home is best’ will probably make more sense now. Surprisingly, the same is often true for people who have to spend a lot time abroad for work or school. Travelling helps you learn to appreciate your own home and this humbles you in many ways.