Kanduyi residents in Bungoma are up in arms against the nursing officer in charge of Butieli Dispensary and want Bungoma county government to act on allegations of sexual harassment of female patients at the health facility.
Martin Wakoli, the nursing officer in charge at Butieli Dispensary is said to have no respect for female patients whom he keeps on harassing.
A victim who spoke to us but wished not to be named due to public embarrassment claimed the nurse took her in an examination room and after asking her names, he nurse opened a pornographic video on his phone and demanded the patient to watch and later he started caressing her before undressing her.
The matter has been reported to Bungoma county director of medical services a Dr Agut but no action has been taken. Another patient who spoke claimed she was jabbed with unknown drugs and that made her unconscious.
“He took me to a private room and injected me. I became unconscious thereafter. He then sexually assaulted me before we were caught by another female nurse,” she claimed.
According reports from Citizen for Good Governance director Philip Wekesa, the sexually assaulted woman rushed to another hospital which confirmed her fears that she had been sexually assaulted. The victim is still recovering at a local hospital.
“We want the hospital to take responsibility and provide new mums and their children a facility that is safe,” said Wekesa.
“The county government should compensate the affected families and make public apology to the community for such embarrassment, he added.
Butieli community wants the dispensary closed for fear of sexual harassment since reports indicate that the accused nurse is a close ally of Bungoma health chief officer Patrick Wandili who is said to be frustrating efforts to have the nurse face disciplinary action.
Weekly Citizen has also established that the accused nurse is a political mobiliser of the chief officer who has shown interest to vie for Kimilili parliamentary seat come 2022.
The nurse is said to have been transferred from Kimilili to Chwele, Nalondo then Butieli for the same offense of engaging in sexual harassment of female patients.