Weekly Citizen can now authoritatively reveal the faces behind alarming tribalism attributed to the sky-rocketing poor management of the institution.

CS Magoha

Top in the list is non-other than VC Prof. Isaac Kosgey while the University’s council Members is a den of corrupt faces prominently featuring Isabella Kogei and David Rono who both awarded outrageous marks to the VC during interview.

VC Kosgey

At the university’s management team of eight, half of the members are Kalenjins led by Prof. Kosgey and Prof Isaac Kimengi who is the DVC academics, research and extension.

Others calling shots at the management level are Prof. Daniel Tarus, DVC finance and Petrolina Chepkwony who is the institution’s senior legal officer.

Prof. Kimengi

Those who matter at the registrars are Dr. Peter Ruto, the registrar, admin, planning and development and Dr David Ruto as the registrar, academics research and extension.

One Mr Solomon Mutai has been positioned as the University Librarian.

Adversely jammed with tribal faces is the deans of schools where according to the arrangement Dr Dinah Chelagat is the dean, school of nursing, Prof Ambrose Kiprop, dean school of biological and physical sciences and Prof John Changa’ch is the dean, school of education.

Other tribal beneficiaries in the list are Dr. Joel Tenai dean, school of business and economics, Prof Peter Simatei, dean school of arts and social sciences, Prof Emmanuel Kiprorir, dean school of aerospace sciences.

There’s also Dr. John Chebii, dean school of law, Dr. Conway Sang, dean school of denstistry and Prof Timothy Sulo who is the dean school of agriculture and natural resources.

Prof. Tarus

The trend is even more worrying given that the almost all the directors are from the Kalenjin starting with Dr. Joyce Komen who is the ICT director, Prof Michael Korir, director quality assurance, Prof Rose Koris director IODL and Dr. Charles Lagat director international programmes, linkages and alumni.

Dr. Dorothy Rotich is the director PSSP, Dr Bernard Malakwen director Nairobi campus and Prof. Cathrine Kiprop is the director IGERD.