Kenyans have taken to social media to make fun of the national population census that kicks off today, even as the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) were making last-minute preparations for the exercise.
While the government, notably the Interior ministry through tough-talking Cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i tried to stress the importance of the exercise, Kenyans continued to create jokes about the impending count.
The order by Matiang’i that all social joints like bars be closed from 5pm to 6am for two days starting today evening, elicited many jokes.

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Football fanatics, especially supporters of English Premier League sides Arsenal and Liverpool, are not happy with the directive by the CS that is bound to deny them the opportunity to watch the two teams clash today at 7.30pm local time.
Also affected are Manchester United fans, whose team will be taking on Crystal Palace at 5pm.
“Manchester United game is on the same day at  5pm, Arsenal vs Liverpool from 7.30 pm. Matiang’i kuna vitu mbili tu. Either tutacountiwa kwa BAR ama kwa CELL… but tutakuwa kwaBAR! (Matiang’i there are only two options here, we will either be counted in the bar, or in the cells, but we will definitely be in the bar (for the games). Do you know how boring watching a game at home is? Where do you buy more drinks when your team scores?” quipped a football fan @Mwangi_Dealer on Twitter.
On Twitter 
Another football fan on Twitter posted that: “Mr Matiang’i, on Saturday, Liverpool will be playing Arsenal. That match is bigger than the Kenyan government and the census itself … if you do not allow us to watch that game in clubs and go home by 9pm, then we won’t open the door for your people”.

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But it is the hilarious photo of a man carrying what appears to be a weekend  “stock” of his favourite drink to his house that left many in stitches.
 Others are making fun of the census question about one’s marital status.
“Hii swali ya census, ‘Uko na bibi mwingine,’ itaulizwa in front of the wife ama utaitwa kando uulizwe? (will the question, “do you have another wife?” be posed to you in the presence of your wife or will you be called aside to answer it?).

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