To date, there is only one Kenyan musician who has taken a musical hiatus for many years and when he came back he was even bigger. That person is Nyashinski.

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As such, most music fans are never quite worried when he does not release a song for several months because we know that something is definitely in the works.

A few days ago, he reaffirmed the notion that he is the supremo or gwiji, as he fondly refers to himself in his songs, when he dropped his new jam dubbed Balance.



Although, it’s the second song that he has released in 2019, he’s constantly on people’s lips never mind the fact that he has not shot a video for any of his releases this year.

The way I see it, the musician whose real name is Nyamari Ongegu, is in a league of his own. His prowess is unmatched.

I doubt he even sees other local singers as his competitors. He goes about his business and success follows him because, let’s be honest, he extremely talented.

Nyashinski does not look like a person who is bothered by the fact that who has many songs this year and whatnot. Perhaps other musicians should follow his footsteps.

Listen to his latest jam dubbed Believe below.

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