The governor added that he had to send home officials from the departments that were directly linked to the incident.

The governor further said that his plans to send home corrupt county staff have been thwarted by cartels, which he said are trying to protect some county officials “because they are the beneficiaries”.

The city boss on Wednesday admitted that efforts to bank revenue collection have been hijacked by cartels, and urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to come to his rescue.

He spoke during the launch of the Nairobi Expressway by Uhuru.

“Vile ulifanya KRA ukapeleka wafisadi nyumbani, naomba msaada wako. Nairobi kama ni revenue chukua huko national government,” Sonko said.

This translates to, “Just as you did with KRA by taking the corrupt home, I’m asking for your help. Let the national government collect revenue.”