Some Kenyans are offering their spouses to rich foreign tourists in a bid to earn more income to sustain their families, it has now emerged.

Here, husbands agree to have their wives taken by wealthy foreigners who want to have some good time, earning good money in the process, The Star reports.

One such person is James Kimani, a tour guide, who says they have been doing the business with his wife since August 2018, in pursuit of extra income.

Kimani explains that it started when a tourist asked him to hook him up with a woman to spend time with during his stay in Kenya.

Not willing to have the opportunity escape him, he discussed the matter with his wife, who agreed to be the tourist’s companion. The two agreed she would pose to the Mzungu as his sister. 

“Yes, I have a nice, bubbly woman. She is dark-skinned, well-endowed and naughty. She is my younger sister, very single and well behaved. I can bring her tomorrow,” he reportedly told the white man.

Kimani said they still love each other as a couple despite offering herself to tourists, adding that she has been bringing home up to Sh40,000 monthly. During the interview, he said his wife has been away from home for the last two months.

“Why should I make another woman rich yet my wife is jobless?” he poses.

“We still love each other, we are still married and she supports this family. She is the breadwinner,” he adds.

Speaking to the publication, Kilifi County Police Commander Patrick Okeri confirmed he is aware that this happens at the Kenyan coast. 

“Recently there was a case of a woman with two husbands, a foreigner, and a Kenyan. She shares her house with the foreign husband when he comes to Kenya and when he leaves the country her Kenyan husband comes back home,” he said.

Paul Adhuoch, the head of Trace Kenya, a child rights organization, says underage children have also been engaging in sex tourism at the coast.

He says over 13,000 minors engage in sexual activities along the coastal counties annually, a majority of them being girls. This, he says, has resulted in an increase in unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.