J Blessing/ Instagram

J Blessing was aired out for being an alleged deadbeat father by his former paramour, a singer called Laika. Well, it would seem she has gotten married to her mzungu fiance over this weekend.

J Blessing introduces another special woman in his life (PHOTO)

Laika shared photos of herself and her groom and it looked like she had a wonderful ceremony. This follows the fact that she tarnished popular video director J Blessing’s name with her accusation.

Father Abraham is that you? Forget the Avril story, J Blessing now accused of impregnating yet another woman

J Blessing has spoken on the matter of the child and the accusation that he does not take any responsibility for his child.

He has responded by posting a pastor preaching and what that pastor says is,

Ukiona watu wanakusengenya, weka sherehe.  Na uwaambie, siku nyingine mkikaa kikao kunisema, pitieni soda. Ili mnapokaa muwe mnanisema huku mnakunywa. Kwa sababu, duniani kuna agenda nyingi. Kwa nini watu na akili zao wakae kukuweka wewe uwe agenda? Ujue wewe ni mtu wa maana.