Richard Quest Net Worth: Top CNN Business anchor Richard Quest was in Kenya in 2018. The host of Quest Means Business show made appearances in numerous places and shows. In one of the interviews that he gave, Mr. Quest revealed that he would never start a business, ironically, and despite being the host of a highly acclaimed business show.

The anchor revealed this in an interview with local blogger Jackson Biko, popularly known as Biko Zulu. The interview was published in the business newspaper Business Daily. Here is what Mr. Quest said on starting a business:

“If you were to start a business, what would it be: I’m not going to answer that question and I’ll tell you why. I have discovered that I’m truly dreadful of business. I cannot sell water in the desert. If there’s money to be lost in business, I will lose it. So it’s best that I never go near it. I’m not an entrepreneur. I had to do psychometric evaluation to see if I was an entrepreneur. The answer came back no. But I know how to work within an organisation, I know how to pull the levers of getting things done within an organisation”

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Mr. Quest went on to explain how money should be handled and the way money should grow in tandem with your advancing age. Here is another powerful quote that he offered:

“I’ve gone four to five years before I would think of retiring. But my career is heading towards a graceful close. I don’t know what will come next, the Almighty knows that. The teens are great; you’re learning what sex is all about and how much fun life can be. You’ve started to see your position in your career, you’re really working quite hard, but you’re still very insecure. Your 30 is your best years. You’ve got some money in the bank because you’ve moved up the ladder a bit, you’ve been around the world a few times, so you know how to live. Your 40s, well, my 40s were dreadful. In your 40s you’re starting to worry and ask yourself; is this it? I’ve now got this last push to get to the top of the ladder. Your 50s are pretty much probably reached the peak. Enjoy it and start thinking about how to capitalise on it towards retirement. The greatest part of being 56 is having a confidence in who you are and what you’ve achieved and where you are. You are at a different phase of your career and your life. Now you can fight it, you can argue against it, you can rebel, but it won’t work.” Richard Quest Net Worth.